FAQ & Terms of service

Question: How do I order?

Answer: Simply click the "Buy it now" button, and then go to your cart:


After that, please click "check out" (or the paypal button), and fill in your details.


Question: Are my payments secure?

Answer: Yes, it's 100% Secure.

We use the PayPal & Stripe secure payment gateways.

** You can also use the paypal checkout to pay with the major credit card companies without having to log in to your account.


Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Please allow between 14-35 business days depending on your location. 

(Brazil and Italy might take a little longer)


Question: How do I receive multiple item order?

Answer: If you order several products, each one will be sent in a separate package (in most cases).


Question: Are the FREE products really free?

Answer: They are really free, but you do need to pay for the shipping. To get shipping amount, please fill in your address in the checkout page.


Question: What happens if I'm not happy about the product/service?

Answer: We guarantee the arrival of the product in under 35 business days and the quality of the product. If there are any issues, we will provide a replacement or a refund.

In case of a wrong size or damaged product, please make sure to send a photo proof of the issue.

Please contact our support and they we will be happy to help. support@galaxyteez.com


Question: How do I contact support?

Answer: Please contact support only by this email: support@galaxyteez.com . If you will send an email to our paypal email or any other email (or phone) you might not get a reply.

We usually reply to emails withing 48 hours, but at certain times we might have high volume of emails so it might take a little longer (after christmas for example). 


Question: Do you provide tracking information?

Answer: We do send a tracking numbers. Some tracking numbers will work only in the origin country and might not work in your country, and will be used as a proof of shipment only. We do have a guarantee for the arrival of the item though. If you did not receive the item on time, we will send you a new item for free, or refund you.


Question: What happen if I order a wrong size of t-shirt? 

Answer: Some of our shirts have smaller size then usall. Please notice the bold & red note on these shirts. On these shirts, please order a bigger size shirt, and double check the size chart. We currently do not provide a return option, but we do offer to send a new shirt for a small reshipment fee.

Also note that most of our top shirts were updated to have the standard american sizes (currently up to USA 4XL on most of them). You will see the note saying it's a US size on these shirts.


Have any other question? Contact us at support@galaxyteez.com

The GalaxyTeez Team.